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With customized simulation models you can quickly learn and discern the correlations, delays etc. of your production line. Most of the key processes of pulp and paper industry have been simulated by us and the basic versions of the models can be found in KnowPap and KnowPulp systems.

We have long experience in modelling real processes and can easily make a customized simulation model of your process as well. With a customized model you can follow the dynamics and relations of your process easily and comfortably, educate new controllers and analyze effects of e.g. certain process changes by simulating.

Static simulation models can be used for analyzing relations of different process input and output variables. We have made the following static simulation models:

  • Fiber line
  • Brown stock screening
  • Post screening
  • Control of the TMP process
  • The effect of filler on paper quality
  • Quality control of LWC paper
  • Calender control

Dynamic simulation models can be used for analyzing and learning process delays and dynamics in addition to all usages of static simulation models. We have made the following dynamic simulation models:

  • Pulp mill liquor and steam balance
  • Continuous digester dynamics
  • Pulp mill sulfur / sodium balance
  • Grinding plant (PGW)
  • Paper mill short circulation
  • Paper machine dynamics and grade change
  • Power plant boilers and steam network

Most of our simulation models have been made for pulp and paper industry, but we are expanding our knowledge also to energy production and have so far made the following models for energy companies and educational institutes:

  • Municipal heat plant
  • Combined heat and power plant

We have made mill-specific simulation models about e.g. pulp mill sulfur / sodium balance, based on spreadscheet balances of the mill. Most spreadscheet balances (e.g. in Excel) can be converted to a simulation model to increase usability, clarity and dynamic behavior.

If you need a cost efficient simulation and optimization tools, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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