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Companies using KnowPulp and/or KnowPap

AEL OyAhlstromAndritz OyHoneywellInnofocusJaakko Poyry GroupKemira OyjM-real OyjMetso OyjNational Board of EducationOy Metsä-Botnia AbSappiSavcorSKFStora Enso OyjSulzer Pumps Finland OyUPMVTT

Schools using KnowPulp and/or KnowPap

A list of schools using KnowPulp (Pulping and Automation) is found here »
A list of schools using KnowPap (Papermaking and Automation) is found here »


A list of KnowTimber users is found here »


JAIKO LUKK Stora Enso Timber TOKEM


KyAMKMotiva Oy Stora Enso Oulu Mill

Sales Tools

Konecranes Oy (Paper Roll Storage Calculation)

Web Design

Sundström Ab OyKotihaavi Oy (E-commerce applications: Homes)Oy HillTip Ab (Home Page: Snow Plows)Blizzard Snowplows (Home Page: Snow Plows)Western Snowplows (Home Page: Snow Plows)
 Prowledge Oy, Vanha talvitie 11 C, 00580 Helsinki, FINLAND